Alternative Dispute Resolution

Although Brown McGarry Nimeroff is very much a litigation firm, always ready to advance or defend our clients' interests in the state and federal courts of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, we are quick to point out that many of our clients' problems can be resolved without resort to litigation. For many years, businesses in a wide range of industries dependent on the performance by many parties of complex contractual obligation have incorporated mandatory arbitration or mediation terms into their agreements as a way of keeping problems out of court.

If your business is involved in a dispute subject to contractual arbitration terms, or if you are interested in exploring other means of resolving commercial or corporate problems that might otherwise be headed to court, contact an attorney at Brown McGarry Nimeroff. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) represents an increasingly important focus of our practice, and our familiarity with the highly distinctive procedures and practices characteristic of arbitration and mediation can give you a significant advantage.

ADR techniques designed to save businesses time and money in the resolution of claims have become standard in many industries, including construction and land development, securities trading and commercial leasing. We see mandatory arbitration terms more and more in corporate and partnership agreements, professional and executive employment contracts and real estate contracts.

Our familiarity with the best practices for making the most of a mediation session, as well as with the rules of the American Arbitration Association, can help you resolve disputed issues in less time and at a lower cost than a similar result can usually be achieved in pretrial negotiations or even before a jury.

To learn more about our experience with ADR, or for dependable advice about your options under an agreement with arbitration or mediation terms, contact an experienced arbitration lawyer at Brown McGarry Nimeroff.