Commercial Lease Litigation

The real estate lawyers at Brown McGarry Nimeroff represent Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey clients in commercial lease disputes. Whether your problem can be settled through a negotiated buyout or surrender of the premises, or if civil litigation will be necessary to protect your interests, our long experience with commercial lease litigation and settlements will represent a substantial advantage. Contact us to learn more about our familiarity with your business rental property problem.

We represent landlords, tenants, and third-party guarantors, assignees, and subtenants in such commercial lease disputes as the following:

  • Actions to recover possession of the premises through eviction or unlawful detainer
  • Collection of unpaid rent or expenses for repair and other damage to the property
  • Issues relating to sublease, assignment, or sale of a controlling interest in the tenant corporate entity
  • Exercise of renewal options
  • Enforcement of restrictive covenants
  • Enforcement of noncompetition clauses concerning other tenants
  • Notice and cure issues
  • Third-party tort liability issues

Our experience with commercial leases and our understanding of the business needs of landlords and tenants allows us to help you find a solution to whatever problem your lease presents on terms that can very often save you the trouble of litigation. If a satisfactory solution cannot be achieved without a lawsuit, however, our trial experience can help ensure that your interests will be protected to the fullest extent available under the facts and the law.

For additional information about the scope of our experience in commercial lease disputes, contact an attorney at Brown McGarry Nimeroff.