Discrimination and Harassment Defense

Sooner or later, just about every employer of any size will find itself served with a complaint alleging discrimination in the workplace. Whether the basis of discrimination alleged in the complaint involves age, race, sex, religion, disability, or any other classification protected by law, our experienced defense attorneys can help you find the right approach to resolving the problem. For additional information about our experience and effectiveness in defense of discrimination or sexual harassment claims, contact a lawyer at Brown McGarry Nimeroff.

Whether the action pending against your company represents a nuisance lawsuit or a genuine risk of liability, our attorneys can advise you about your legal options while investigating and developing your defense. Some of our clients fight all discrimination charges vigorously, while others pick their spots and are quick to settle claims with demonstrable merit. No matter what your preferred approach might be, we can tailor our defense services to your management style and needs. We also keep your litigation budget constraints squarely in mind as we investigate the claims and present your defenses.

We can defend your company's interests before the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, the New Jersey Human Relations Commission, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or any other agency charged with the investigation of age, race, disability, or gender discrimination claims.

As seasoned trial attorneys, we have the experience and understanding necessary to present your defense to its best advantage in any discrimination or harassment litigation. We also handle cases in alternative dispute resolution forums such as mediation, arbitration, or grievance procedures prescribed under collective bargaining agreements.

We represent employer clients of all sizes throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. To learn more about our experience in the defense of state or federal discrimination and sexual harassment claims, contact an employment law attorney at Brown McGarry Nimeroff.