Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation

At Brown McGarry Nimeroff, we represent employers, insurance companies, and third party administrators in all aspects of Pennsylvania workers' compensation claim assessment, litigation, and appeals. To learn how our fast and responsive client service can help you close claims files quickly and on favorable terms, contact one of our attorneys.

The workers' compensation defense attorneys at Brown McGarry Nimeroff can handle all stages of a claim, from initial evaluation to appellate practice before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. We can advise you and represent your interests at the following stages:

  • Evaluation of the initial claim
  • Consideration of such defenses as pre-existing medical condition, injury outside scope of employment, fraud, or ulterior motive
  • Monitoring the claimant's medical progress, benefits payments, and eligibility for return to work or light duty
  • Contested hearings before a workers' compensation judge on issues such as suspending or terminating benefits, the extent and duration of the claimant's disability, or the availability of alternative work according to a labor market survey or other vocational evaluation
  • Representing the employer's interests on either side of an appeal to the Workers' Compensation Appeal Board, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, or the Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Our firm has proven that client service in workers' compensation litigation improves when each lawyer's caseload is limited. As a result, each of our attorneys at any given time handles 25 or 30 fewer open files than is typical for a workers' comp defense practice. Our clients notice and appreciate the difference in our ability to return calls, act on new developments, and keep your case on track to a successful resolution.

Whether your situation calls for advice on a newly reported injury or vigorous defense of a claim for benefits, our experienced workers' compensation lawyers can help you. Contact Brown McGarry Nimeroff for additional information.